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Monday, July 9, 2012

Ginger Cake

Pear, Ginger and Caramel Toffee Cake...
Ginger Cake

The title of this recipe almost says it all until you taste the final product, then all sorts of descriptive words come into play... It is a wonderful afternoon tea cake that can be served cold or warm with or without cream and the ginger matures delightfully.

  • Grease and glad bake line a large cake tin whilst preheating a 160 oven... peel core thinly slice and decorate the bottom of this pan with a couple of pears.
  • In a small pan melt together 100 grams of butter and 150 grams of brown sugar to form a caramel sauce and pour this all over the pear covered base.
  • With an electric beater cream together 150 grams of butter and 175 grams of brown sugar until light and fluffy... add to this 4 eggs, one at a time incorporating each one completely.
  • Next add 250 grams of golden syrup and 1 heaped tablespoon of freshly grated ginger while continuing to beat the mixture.
  • Sift together in a separate bowl 300 grams of plain flour, 3 teaspoons of ginger powder and 1 1/2 teaspoons of bi-carb soda.
  • Finally starting with sifted flour mix and ending with sifted flour mix ... alternatively add 250 grams of sour cream and the flour mix until all ingredients are incorporated into a batter.
  • Pour batter onto the toffee and pear base which will become the top of the cake... loosely cover the tin with a piece of glad bake and al-foil and bake for about one and a half hours until a wooden skewer comes out clean... turn out up side down onto a cooling tray and if you can wait serve cold with a sprinkle of icing sugar or maybe some cream although my favourite is warm straight from the oven with nothing added... it truly is a stand alone cake.
The caramelised pear now becomes the decadent top layer and the edges take on a wonderful toffee texture while the moist ginger sponge centre is melt in the mouth when warm.

Enjoy this experience it is truly a magical one...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mixed Roast Veggies, Greens and Gravy

Mixed Roast Veggies, Greens and Gravy
Don't be frightened to be a little unconventional with this dish... I slow roast anything and everything. You most likely think anyone can roast veggies however this is my cook book, to be a reference that my children can use when I don't answer the phone... here goes... my version of the best roast spuds. 
  • I like to partly boil my quartered beetroot for two reasons. Firstly I want them to be ready at the same time as the others. Secondly because the water from them is used in my baking process for extra flavour and to stop the possibility of any drying during cooking.
  • Finely dice a half dozen mushrooms and lots of fresh herbs. I have used rosemary, parsley and basil and these will add to the flavour of the gravy as I am not using meat today.
  • Add these to the baking dish and next cut veggies similarly sized ... anything you fancy putting  the heavier root veggies in first to give them a little extra time, I have used but am not limited to the following ...
  • Potato 
  • sweet potato 
  • swede 
  • parsnip 
  • turnip
  • beetroot 
  • pumpkin
  • carrot 
  • Season with a little salt and cracked black pepper and toss with a little olive oil and a splosh of balsamic vinegar. Stir to coat everything and then add half of the beetroot water. Bake in a 160 oven quite slowly and when they are about half cooked give them another toss and add the remainder lighter veggies along with the remaining beetroot water to finish all at the same time. 
  • baby zucchini
  • whole mushrooms 
  • tomato  
  • pear 
  • While these are are finishing baking steam some green veggies for a healthy balance and use the water from these to make your gravy.
Gravy is then made by frying a sliced onion in the residue oil and grabbing up all of the herb and diced bits of flavour (add a little oil if necessary) when the onions are softened fry off a couple of fork fulls of a commercial gravy mix into the pan and then gradually add your steamed veggie water until the correct thickness is achieved... This gravy is the best it has lots of flavour without any meat juices...
  • All of this process can be turned into a meat meal by adding a whole chicken right in the middle of the baking dish or chicken thigh pieces throughout...turn the chicken at the break when adding the last of the veggies and all of the herbs and flavours will enhance its flavour.
Delish Delish Delish...