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Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheesy Fluffy 2 egg Omelette - Salad with Nan's dressing

Cheesy fluffy omelette - Nan's salad and dressing
This was lunch at my Nanna's house in the sixties... I would cross the road from the school yard Monday to Friday to enjoy either this or the same salad with cold chicken. Today this is still one of my favourite quick meals and I am sure will become one of yours also.

  • Prepare your salad on the side before starting the omelette...I have prepared it as she would have back then, starting by taking the skin off of the cucumber and forking the side (unheard of to eat cucumber skin back then) a finely shredded bed of lettuce, grated cheese and grated carrot. (not pictured as I didn't have any) It was  all about colour with each meal requiring a minimum of at least three different colours in the salads of veggies for them to have been considered a healthy family meal...
Nan's home made mayonnaise 
Nan's Dressing... So simple you will wonder why you ever buy it. Can be made in about 2 minutes and tastes better as the flavours develop day by day... Get yourself a fancy cute teddy bear jar like mine and make this often, keeping this tradition alive...

◊ 1 can of condensed milk ◊ 1 can of vinegar  ◊ 1teaspoon of salt ◊ 1 teaspoon of mustard 
Mix until thickens and store in a sterilised jar... 
makes a great dipping sauce for fish, chicken, chips, anything and everything.
Fluffy Omelette
And now for the very special 2 egg omelette just like everyone's Nanna made I am sure... The most important and most readily available ingredient in this is "air".

  • Separate the egg whites add a pinch of salt and beat with an electric beater until soft peaks form... when firm add the yolks one at a time continuing to beat until both added.
  • Pour the mix into a pan with melted butter (again no oil in the sixties most cooking was done in butter) Immediately add some grated cheese to one half and wait until the bottom is firm and golden.
  • Gently work your spatula around the edge just gently pulling back towards the centre... flip one half over onto the other, again gently working your spatula around the edge flip completely over to cook all the foamy egg mix... this process looks more difficult than it is, this mix is actually quite simple to work worth be confident, people will be impressed with the immediately no waiting or all the air will disappear.