Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meatless Chow Mein

Brown Rice and Green Veg...

This dish is very simple to make, nutritious and filling as wells as yummy enough that the kids will be surprised by the fact that they like it.

 Meatless Chow Mein 
  •  Fry off to soften a thinly sliced onion in a little olive oil add to this a heaped teaspoon of curry powder to toast through.
  • When softened in place of the meat I now add about 3  cups of cooked brown rice and stir to coat the rice.
  • To this mixture add a packet of chicken noodle soup mix and two cups of water and the first of the green vegetables. For today's recipe they were sliced green beans and shredded Bok Choy. I would normally have used thinly sliced cabbage however I didn't have any so I have improvised. Cover the fry pan and allow to gently steam.
  • Simmer very gently until the vegies are cooked through and the moisture has absorbed into the rice. You can add a little more liquid if you would like a sauce.
  • In the last five minutes of cooking toss in some frozen peas and a handful of freshly chopped herbs.

Finely shredded cabbage will give the dish a more authentic look (it resembles soft noodles). Again I suggest you can add any vegetables you like including perhaps julienne carrots and corn for some colour.

Also if you prefer meat substitute the cooked rice for mince and brown this is the beginning with the onion and curry powder. Simmer cook for about 15 minutes to make sure the meat is cooked through properly.

The kids will love this dish because of the flavour that the chicken noodle soup brings to it. A great way to get vegetables into them.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lentil & Quinoa Slice

Lentil & Quinoa Slice
Lentil & Quinoa Slice

I have made this dish today for the first time. My version was inspired by the cooking show "Good Chef Bad Chef" and I have to say this is delightfully delicious.
  • Start by lightly frying off to soften some finely diced onion and a little minced garlic then add a teaspoon of Turmeric (this spice is so very good for us all and is a great aid to cancer prevention and you probably won't even notice it is in there).
  • Add to this any vegetables you may like. You can be as creative as you like as long as they are all uniformly diced or grated quite small. I have used today what was available in my little fridge, celery, broccoli stems, pumpkin, sweet potato and mushrooms.
  • Stir fry all of these until they are just cooked (final cooking to set is only short) and then add about a cup of almond meal which will soak up any liquid from vegetables such as zucchini and is also a source of protein.
  • Add to the mixture a drained tin of brown lentils and some cooked quinoa (as little or as much as you like mine was about 2 cups cooked).
  • Turn off the heat and stir through two eggs which will bind the mix together in the final bake.
  • Grease or line with baking paper a lasagne dish and press the mixture firmly into this and bake it in a moderate oven for about 15 minutes to set the slice and lightly browned on the top.

Variations of this recipe could easily be made, maybe a tablespoon of tomato paste or some fried bacon bits. If you wish to keep this vegetarian but wanted a little more protein try adding crumbled firm tofu. 

The slice when cooked is quite juicy and soft but will slice easily into portions. These slices can be eaten either hot straight from the oven or is equally nice served cold the next day.

It will keep for a few days in the fridge very safely as it contains no meat. Enjoy and let me know what you think.