Salmon Patties ... Simple, Simple, Simple...

Simple Salmon Patties
This recipe is so simple and delicious that I almost feel guilty sharing it with you. Everyone must have used this method at some stage in the lives. I originally stole it from a girl friend of mine who shall remain nameless but she will recognise it immediately and I never tire if eating these at least once a week...

  • The simple, simple simple, secret is the use of Deb mashed potato with onion straight from a packet adding as much or as little hot water as required to get the right consistency ... this product is used because of the light texture I can obtain with no effort. Half a packet makes 6-8.
  • To this I add finely chopped spring onions, herbs and the best quality salmon crumbled through, either tinned or cooked fresh... quality fish makes all the difference to the end product.
  • A half to 1 lightly beaten egg added now to make a nice firm mixture and roll the patties into fresh or good quality breadcrumbs. 
  • Pan fry these in a mixture of oil and butter until golden brown.... Serve hot or room temperature. 


  1. always a packet of deb potato in my pantry!!!


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