Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chilli Con Carne ~ Slow Cooker

Chilli Con Carne ~ Slow Cooker

A favourite for all time this dish has its origins in Texas USA... at lot of Australian families have this as a staple in there weekly regime if not nowdays most certainly in past years.
This version I have made has been cooked in a slow cooker or the good old fashioned "crock pot" and has an unusual ingredient which adds to the flavour exceptionally. 70% Cocoa Chocolate. 

  • Brown off in a little olive oil about 800 grams of diced steak and set aside.
  • In the same oil and pan soften 2 diced onions and a finely sliced deseeded chilli and add to this mix a couple of cloves of crushed garlic, a tespoon of cinnamon, a tespoon of chilli powder or flakes or both if you like it hot along with a tablespoon of brown sugar.
  • Into the slow cooker place the onion mix, the browned meat along with 2 tins of crushed tomoatoes, 2 tins of drained red kidney beans, 50 grams of 70% dark chocolate and about 300ml of beef stock... cook for 8-10 hours and serve with buttered mashed potatoes.  

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